Publication Update W20 2022

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Fiber Polarization Controllers in literature

The majority of Kerr frequency comb experiments is done in fiber optics. And because typically single mode fiber is used the polarization has to be adjusted at some points. This is typically done with a Fiber Polarization Controller (FPCs). And of course this has to be included also in the experimental layouts in the publications. Here is a brief review of different shapes that FPCs can take in this context.

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Brief Review of 2017

Here are a few numbers to summarize 2017. From W23 to the end, I listed around 75 papers on Kerr frequency combs in the Publication Updates (manuscripts can appear twice with an Arxiv and a published version). According to Google Scholar, there are 164 hits for “Kerr frequency comb” in papers from 2017. For “microresonator frequency comb” there are still 74 hits. Searching in article title, abstract and keywords Scopus lists for 2017 43 publications for “Kerr frequency comb” and 17 publications for “microresonator frequency comb”. Compared to 2016, these numbers did not change significantly. Apparently this means that after a close to doubled output in 2016 compared to 2015 (Google Scholar), this strong growth period is over and the field has a high but steady output.

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Publication Update W49 2017

Here are last weeks papers and manuscripts:

Here is the [download id=”573″] for the four listed above. Below are two more interesting papers covering third-harmonic generation in SiN and on-chip Brillouin purification.

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Publication Update W28 2017

Missed out from last weeks W27 update:

Publication Update W23 2017

After some down time, the Publication Update is back in a slightly different format. Now it will be weekly published on Tuesdays. Here is the first one of this kind with the new publication from the last week. As always, I am happy to hear about corrections or missing papers.

End of summer break …

SummerBreakSo, summer break is over. I was busy with my thesis and some traveling. The picture is from the beach in Barra da Tijuca. However, other people were busy publishing, so a long Publication Update will come this week. Also the publication list finally got the year 2014 added (2015 still has to follow). As always, let me know if something is missing via

“Mexican wave” in microresonators

As I was thinking about a nice analogy of solitons in microresonators that would explain it to the layman, somehow the “Mexican wave” crossed my mind. Curiously, it did this while perfectly maintaining its shape.

Mexican Wave (By Eva Rinaldi - Big Day Out, CC BY-SA 2.0,
Mexican Wave (By Eva Rinaldi – Big Day Out, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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