Publication Update W44 2017

The body of literature on Kerr frequency combs keeps growing. The latest three additions you can find below.

And the [download id=”487″]. It also includes two more papers which combine classical mode-locked lasers with microresonators below but which I would not classify as Kerr frequency combs. The references and links are given below.

Update (23.01.2018): I had missed this manuscript:

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Publication Updated W43 2017

Not too many new publications from last week, but one in a journal with the cool name “Chaos”. Fortunately, most of the work published these days on Kerr frequency combs would find its home rather in a journal named “Coherence” but it is nice to see, that the range of journals which publish work on Kerr frequency combs is expanding.

And the BIB-file for this published work.

On top of this there is this early access publication:

Quantum Combs

One major difference of Kerr frequency combs compared to optical frequency combs derived from mode-locked, pulsed lasers is that the photons of the comb modes are derived via the Kerr nonlinearity from a continuous-wave (CW) pump laser. This can be useful for the resulting classical frequency comb, as the pump laser constitutes a coherent line of the frequency comb itself and the nonlinearity as the gain works at all wavelengths. Moreover, the nonlinear origin and pair-wise creation of all the photons in the Kerr frequency comb outside the pump mode is a crucial requirement for applications that need quantum correlations. This field of applications is rather recent for Kerr frequency combs but it has gained quite some attention (and, or maybe thanks to, some high-impact publications1–3). Other, related work did not use Kerr frequency combs but “classical” frequency combs and additional nonlinear interactions4 or OPOs5. Squeezed light in microresonators from the second order nonlinearity was also reported previously6. But let’s have a quick look at the papers on the generation of quantum Kerr frequency combs.

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Publication Update W42 2017

Here an Arxiv-version of an older paper, a just published paper and a thesis from last week:

And the BIB-file for the two papers. And, again, if there is an openly available full version of the thesis somewhere, please let me know and I will change the link.

Update (15.11.2017):

I missed out on this long, collaborative review article on Kerr frequency combs (or, well, micro-combs, if you want) that was published online within that week:

Publication Update W40 & W41 2017

Sorry for missing out on last weeks’ update. But now two weeks in one post.

Update (15.11.2017):

One paper is missing in the list above:


And the BIB-file with the references above.