Publication Update W47 2017

Ok, this week there is quite a bit of work that hit the internet in one form or another. Beside of some manuscripts and papers directly related to Kerr frequency combs listed below (including one I missed some time ago), there are quite a few other interesting articles after the link that are interesting.

From last week:

Missed in the Update W40 & W41 and brought to my attention by an attentive reader:

Here is the [download id=”561″] for all the papers listed above.

And more papers, including a review on on-chip quantum light sources as well as work on second harmonics and Brillouin in microresonators, below.

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Publication Update W46 2017

During the last week there was not so much new work being published. I could only find a thesis:

Below, after the link, are two more publications which relate to microresonators and RF electronics required for many Kerr frequency comb applications but do not feature Kerr frequency combs themselves.

Update: It looks like I missed a big collaborative review paper published online about a month go. I am sorry about this but here it is:

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Publication Update W45 2017

Two papers on optical Kerr frequency comb and one that looks at the concept in the microwave domain.

And the [download id=”503″] of the three papers above.