Kerr frequency combs @ Photonics West 2018 (27 January – 1 February)

For all of those who plan to attend Photonics West 2018 in San Francisco in a months from now, there are quite some presentations on Kerr frequency combs including some in two dedicated sessions. Below, after the link is a short overview of the relevant talks I found in the current program as PDF. And we might meet as I plan to be there as well.

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Publication Update W51 2017

Three new manuscripts on Kerr frequency combs were published online last week. It looks like the field is really picking up on the Raman effect as well:

The [download id=”590″] is there as well. And two more papers on nonlinear conversion using metasurfaces and on the coupling of microresonators with tapered fibers below.

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Publication Update W50 2017

Two Kerr frequency comb papers to read in the light of candles and with some Christmas cookies on the side:

And as usual, the [download id=”583″].

Publication Update W49 2017

Here are last weeks papers and manuscripts:

Here is the [download id=”573″] for the four listed above. Below are two more interesting papers covering third-harmonic generation in SiN and on-chip Brillouin purification.

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