Publication Update W5 2018

Here is what’s new from the last week:

And here is the [download id=”641″].

Some time ago I also missed a thesis from Caltech:

Publication Update W4 2018

The number of publications is steadily increasing. Last week another five papers were published in one way or another:

And here is the [download id=”634″].

And one manuscript I missed back in W44 2017:


Publication Update W3 2018

This week’s new work includes titanium dioxide as a microresonator material, new insights on the snaking diagrams of the LLE and more work on applications in telecom:

And here is the [download id=”628″] for these references. Further below two more papers on avoiding avoided modal crossings in microresonators and a different type of microresonator frequency comb as well as a thesis on nonlinear quantum optics in microresonators.

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Publication Update W2 2018

The year 2018 continues with a rather slow start. Only one new contribution from the last week on Kerr frequency combs in modified microresonators. Another work on optical EOM combs is further below.

And of course the [download id=”620″] for this one reference.

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Brief Review of 2017

Here are a few numbers to summarize 2017. From W23 to the end, I listed around 75 papers on Kerr frequency combs in the Publication Updates (manuscripts can appear twice with an Arxiv and a published version). According to Google Scholar, there are 164 hits for “Kerr frequency comb” in papers from 2017. For “microresonator frequency comb” there are still 74 hits. Searching in article title, abstract and keywords Scopus lists for 2017 43 publications for “Kerr frequency comb” and 17 publications for “microresonator frequency comb”. Compared to 2016, these numbers did not change significantly. Apparently this means that after a close to doubled output in 2016 compared to 2015 (Google Scholar), this strong growth period is over and the field has a high but steady output.

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Publication Update W1 2018

A happy new year to all readers! I wish you a healthy and successful year 2018. And also in 2018 it continues as it ended in 2017 with publication updates on Tuesday. So, here we go. The new work featuring Kerr frequency combs is listed below.

And the [download id=”606″].