Publication Update W13 2018

Here is what’s new from the last week. A bit of Raman frequency combs, some numerical work on Kerr combs in silicon and dissipative Kerr solitons in silicon nitride microresonators at around 1000 nm wavelength.

And the [download id=”688″]. Below are two more publications on low-loss silicon nitride waveguides and a model for noise in frequency combs.

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Publication Update W11 & W12 2018

Sorry for missing last week’s update. Below now the publications of the last two weeks with Kerr frequency combs.

And the [download id=”682″]. Below one more publication using the Kerr effect in microresonators but not for frequency comb generation.

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Kerr frequency combs @ OFC 2018 (11 – 15 March)

In a few days the Optical Fiber CommunicationsConference is starting in San Diego and, although not nearly as many as for Photonics West or CLEO, a few presentation do feature Kerr frequency combs in microresonators. Below is a list of relevant contributions from the program.

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Publication Update W10 2018

Dual-comb applications are really all the rage these days. Another high-profile paper this week. The second paper uses Kerr frequency combs for metrology.

As usual, the [download id=”670″] for these two publications. Below two more papers related to nonlinearity in microresonators and dissipative solitons.

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