Publication Update W17 2018

Two new publications on Kerr frequency combs, one showing once more that they can be used nicely for optical data transmission, the other shows multi-soliton states via thermal tuning in integrated microresonators:

And the corresponding [download id=”719″].

Update (22.05.2018):



Publication Update W16 2018

Below as usual the new publications from last week. The first one should have been in last weeks update.

And here is the [download id=”708″] for these publications. Below are two more references that are somewhat related to Kerr frequency combs as they feature integrated, conventional ps-lasers or nonlinearities in microresonators.

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Publication Update W15 2018

From the last week I only found one relevant publication on some theoretical aspects of Kerr frequency comb formation:

And the [download id=”701″] for this one.

Update (17.03.2018):

Update (15.05.2018):

Publication Update W14 2018

Two manuscripts on Arxiv on Kerr frequency combs:

Here is the [download id=”696″] for these two. Below two more papers, one on high-Q silicon microresonators and a review on nonlinear effects useful for pulsed fiber lasers.

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