Publication Update W22 2018

Two new manuscripts from the last week, one from the week before. All about Kerr frequency combs and temporal Kerr solitons.

From the week before:

The [download id=”788″] of the three papers listed above. Below a review on the use of mode-locked lasers (or frequency combs) for ranging.

Update (05.06.2018):

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Publication Update W21 2018

A few new manuscripts from the last week and one older one from Arxiv which I had missed. All about or featuring Kerr frequency combs.

And [download id=”775″].

From a few weeks ago:

Below one more paper about dual comb spectroscopy this time used to obtain spacial information of the sample.


Update (29.05.2018):

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Publication Update W20 2018

Below the usual mix of work on Kerr frequency combs and microresonators. Some theory, some experiments and one manuscripts I had missed a few weeks ago.

And also the [download id=”756″].

What I had missed before:

And below two more papers on quantum experiments that involve microresonators and the Kerr nonlinearity.

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Publication Update W19 2018

In the last 7 days there appeared only one new work on Kerr frequency combs online:

And here is the [download id=”742″]. Below an article that nicely summarizes the history of clocks. Kerr frequency combs are not yet included but we will give it another five to ten years maybe.

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Kerr frequency combs @ CLEO 2018 (13 – 18 May)

In about ten days CLEO is going to start. Time to have a look what this year’s program has to offer regarding Kerr frequency combs. And it turns out, it is quite a lot! Below a list with 39 presentation and 11 posters which in sum makes 50 contributions. Unfortunately, some of them overlap in time.

Full sessions dedicated to Kerr frequency combs (or microresonator frequency combs) or topics very close to that are:

The list of individual contributions is given below.

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Publication Update W18 2018

This time two papers on applications of Kerr frequency combs. One uses them for the synthesis of light, one for telecom:

The [download id=”728″] as usual. Below three more publications on dual-comb spectroscopy, coupling of crystalline microresonators and a News & Views on a recent Nature Photonics.

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