Publication Update W26 2018

It has been the first week in quite a while for which I did not find any new paper regarding Kerr frequency combs. However, one more thesis was written on the subject:

Below are two papers on more general theoretical aspects relevant to Kerr frequency combs.

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Publication Update W25 2018

Last weeks publications:

Below two more papers on frequency comb spectroscopy and microresonators.

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Publication Update W24 2018

The list of new publications on Kerr frequency combs is as usual below. It looks like graphene is even useful in this domain when deposited onto the microresonator. Two publications feature this “wonder material”.

And the [download id=”806″] of the references above. Below two more publications on frequency combs generated via the quadratic nonlinearity and soliton dynamics in fibers.

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Publication Update W23 2018

The summer does not stop people from publishing. Another three new manuscripts and one that should have been in last week’s Update. And as a reminder: if you publish something, just send a link to as soon as it becomes available online. That makes it easier to compile the list and the publication will not be missed.

From last week:

And the [download id=”798″] with all four references.