Publication Update W31 2018

Two papers where published online during the last week featuring Kerr frequency combs and microresonators. See below.

And the [download id=”860″].

Publication Update W30 2018

On paper published on Kerr frequency combs in Fabry-Perot microresonators:

And here is the [download id=”854″]. Below one more paper published on the losses in integrated microresonators.

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Publication Update W29 2018

Two fresh manuscripts on Kerr frequency combs:

And the [download id=”847″]. Below two more papers on quasi-phase-matched ring resonators and very efficient tapers for fiber coupling to waveguides.

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Publication Update W27 2018

One manuscript from last week directly on Kerr frequency combs and a few other publications featuring dissipative solitons, data transmission and quantum states further below.

And the [download id=”825″].

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