Interview with Pascal Del’Haye

A micro-toroid made from silicon dioxide (blue) on a silicon chip.

An interview with Pascal Del’Haye, the first author of the original Nature paper on Kerr frequency combs and now a group leader at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington by London. We talked about the first Kerr frequency combs, the following twelve years, the spirit of fundamental research, problems with names and more.

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Publication Update W39 2018

There are quite a few interesting papers that appeared over the last seven days. On Kerr frequency combs but also on closely related topics.

And the [download id=”918″].

Some more papers that do not feature Kerr frequency combs but either Kerr cavity solitons, microresonators or integrated photonics are listed below.

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Kerr frequency combs @ ICOC (23 – 27 September)

Just a week after FiO, another conference starts next Sunday,  the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) 2018 in Rome. By now the program is out so let’s have a look:

Tuesday, 23 September:

  • Tu3C.5, 14:30: Ultra-Low-Power Photonic Chip-Based Soliton Frequency Combs, Junqiu Liu

Wednesday, 24 September:

  • We2A.1, 11:00: Microresonator Soliton Frequency Comb, Tobias Kippenberg
  • We3A.1, 13:30: Synchronously-driven Microresonator Solitons and Application in Astronomy, Tobias Herr
  • We3A.4, 14:15: Deterministic Soliton Burst in Microresonators Triggered by Amplitude Modulated Pump Laser, Heng Zhou
  • We3H.5, 14:30: Laser Frequency Combs for Coherent Optical Communications, Victor Torres-Company

Publication Update W38 2018

New last week: one publication on Kerr frequency combs and one review on nonlinear effects in microresonators in general:

And the [download id=”898″].

And below one paper on a low-power conventional frequency comb source published in the first issue of the new OSA Continuum journal.

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Kerr frequency combs @ FiO 2018 (16 – 20 September)

This weekend the FiO (Frontiers in Optics) conference starts in Washington DC. So it is time to have a look at this year’s program and what’s in it for people interested in Kerr frequency combs. Here we go:

Tuesday, 18 September:

  • JTu2A.62 – 10:00 – 12:00: Thermal Decoherence of the Carrier-Envelope-Offset Frequency in a Kerr-Microresonator Comb, Tara E. Drake
  • JTu2A.47 – 10:00 – 12:00: Analysis of the Twin-soliton Bound States in Passive Microresonator, Maitrayee Saha
  • JTu3A.42 – 13:00 – 15:00: Quadratic Bright Soliton and Cnoidal Wave Frequency Combs in Microresonators by Second Harmonic Generation, Zhen Qi

Wednesday, September 19:

  • FW1C.2 • 08:30: Multiplexing Soliton-Combs in Optical Microresonators, Erwan Lucas
  • JW4A.42 – 13:00 – 15:00: Dark Soliton and Cnoidal Wave Frequency Combs in Microresonators by Second Harmonic Generation, Zhen Qi

Thursday, September 20:

  • FTh1C.1 • 08:00 Invited: Framework for Complex Quantum State Generation and Coherent Control Based on On-Chip Frequency Combs, Piotr Roztocki
  • FTh3C.3 • 11:15: Bridging Telecom Wavelengths to Alkali Atomic Transitions with Tunable Kerr Frequency Combs, Su-Peng Yu
  • FTh3C.6 • 12:00: Gallium Phosphide Microresonator Frequency Combs, Dalziel Wilson

Publication Update W37 2018

At least judged by recent publications, the work on Kerr frequency combs combined with a bit of second order nonlinearity is really taking off these days. Two more manuscripts related to Kerr frequency combs but where the Pockels effect plays a role as well:

And the [download id=”886″].

And in case you were always thinking that the spacing of Kerr frequency combs is too big, something relevant below.

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Publication Update W36 2018

Only one new paper on Kerr frequency combs and their soliton dynamics and one paper that is somewhere in between second and third order nonlinearity:

And the [download id=”880″].

And below two more papers on more second order nonlinear effects in optical microresonators and resonant EOM combs.

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