Publication Update W22 2019

Just one new paper which I have found:

Below one more paper on nonlinear microresonator characterization.

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Publication Update W20 & 21 2019

After many presentations at CLEO on Kerr frequency combs, microcombs, microresonator frequency combs, dissipative Kerr solitons, Kerr solitons, nonlinear effects in integrated optics and the like, here are the new written contributions of the last two weeks:

And below one more paper on frequency combs and telecom in general.

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Fiber Polarization Controllers in literature

The majority of Kerr frequency comb experiments is done in fiber optics. And because typically single mode fiber is used the polarization has to be adjusted at some points. This is typically done with a Fiber Polarization Controller (FPCs). And of course this has to be included also in the experimental layouts in the publications. Here is a brief review of different shapes that FPCs can take in this context.

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Publication Update W19 2019

Besides the latest results reported at CLEO this week, there are also two new manuscripts on Arxiv:

Kerr frequency combs @ CLEO 2019 (5 – 10 May)

CLEO 2019 is starting today and CLEO has been traditionally a conference where many fresh results on Kerr frequency combs have been presented. This is also true for this year’s edition. Here is a summary of this year’s program. There are a few sessions dedicated to this topic but many more presentations and posters are scattered throughout other sessions as well.

Sessions dedicated to Kerr frequency combs / Microresonator frequency combs

13:00–15:00, Meeting Room 211 C/D: STu3J • Kerr Frequency Microcombs

14:00–16:00, Meeting Room 211 C/D: STh3J • Emerging Nonlinear Platforms
16:30–18:30, Meeting Room 211 C/D: STh4J • Applications of Lasers & Microcombs,

08:00–10:00, Executive Ballroom 210D: FF1D • Solitons in Microresonators
14:00–16:00, Executive Ballroom 210H: SF3H • Microresonator Frequency Combs

The full list of the around 40 presentations and posters I have found in the porgram is below.

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