Publication Update W39 2019

The new publications from the last days below:

And further below, a few more papers on nonlinear phenomena, including rogue waves and symmetry braking.

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Publication Update W38 2019

A bit of new work:

And below a new review on frequency combs and their history including a small section about Kerr frequency combs as well.

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Kerr frequency combs @ FiO 2019 (15 – 19 September)

Next week there will be the conference Frontiers in Optics, this year it is in Washington DC. The full program is available, so let’s have a quick look.


Wednesday, 18 September: 17:15–18:45 FW6C • Integrated Frequency Combs

A list of relevant talks and posters I have found in the program is given below.

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Publication Update W37 2019

One of the more productive weeks in terms of new papers:

And below one more paper on integrated electro-optic modulation combs and some of their nontrivial properties.

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Publication Update W36 2019

The first publication in the list below should have been in last week’s update. It somehow slipped out of the list.

And below one more paper on Brillouin scattering in silicon nitride.

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