Publication Update W1 2020

Happy new year everyone!

And below one more paper on electro-optically tuned microresonators.

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Publication Update W52 2019

First of all, I wish everyone a relaxed holiday time with family and friends. If there is still time (or if Christmas is not your thing anyways) here is something to read:

And if there is still time left, below an article about competing frequency comb technology.

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Publication Update W51 2019

The year 2019 is slowly coming to an end but so far there is no great rush in publication activities:

Below a few more papers that might be of interest.

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Publication Update W50 2019

Let’s see, what is hiding behind today’s calendar door:

And below two more publications on second-order nonlinear combs and a review on frequency combs in general.

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Publication Update W49 2019

A few new publications:

And below two more publications on cascaded second-order nonlinearities generating frequency combs (experiments) and advances on another platform for nonlinear integrated microresonators.