Publication Update W5 2020

With a bit of a delay today, here the most recent papers on Kerr frequency combs:

And below a few more interesting papers around the subject.

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Publication Update W4 2020

Quite a few new and interesting publications on Kerr frequency combs, microresonators and frequency comb in general. But read for yourself:

Three more papers on an enhanced version of the famous Master equations, nonlinear enhanced gyroscopes and frequency comb synchronization below.

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Publication Update W3 2020

This is what I found new on Kerr or microresonator frequency combs from the last days:

And below one more paper on pulsed lasers based on whispering gallery mode microresonators and realizing some of the advantages of frequency combs for optical data transmission.

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Kerr frequency combs @ Photonics West 2020 (1 – 6 February)

In about three weeks the Photonics West 2020 in San Francisco will start. So, it’s about time to have a look at the program and to see, which new developments and discoveries will be presented. If you only have one day, Tuesday seems to be the big day for the topic of Kerr frequency combs.

I will be there as well (see below) and I will also be around at the CSEM booth (No 3043) at the exhibition (4 – 6 February).


Tuesday, 4 February: 10:45 AM TO 12:00 PM: Crystalline WGM Microresonators and Applications II; ROOM 202 (LEVEL 2 SOUTH)

Tuesday, 4 February: 1:30 PM TO 3:15 PM: Kerr Optical Frequency Microcombs with WGM; ROOM 202 (LEVEL 2 SOUTH)

And a list with all relevant contributions I found is below.

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Publication Updates now as a Zotero group

I have been using Zotero for a while now to manage references and also to make the lists for each Publication Update. Now, I figured it makes sense to try some of the group features of Zotero.

Starting with the latest edition, you can find the papers linked in the regular Publication Update posts also in a Zotero group named – Publication Updates. The papers not directly featuring Kerr frequency combs which you sometimes find after clicking the “Continue reading” link at the bottom of a Publication Update post will not be added to these folder to keep things a bit on topic.

It is a public group so everyone on Zotero should be able to join such that you get the papers directly pushed into your Zotero client. In Zotero you should then be able to just drag & drop them into your own database. As long as you do not do this, they will not be in your own database. So no need to worry that your database will be swamped with all kinds of Kerr frequency comb papers you find not relevant.

Publication Update W2 2020

No surprise, also the year 2020 continues with a few more publications on Kerr frequency combs:

And below one more paper on Brillouin scattering in silicon nitride waveguides.

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