Publication Update W40 2020

The most recent contributions to the field of Kerr frequency combs you can find below. And, in case you have missed it: if you use Zotero for your references, you can join this group and you have direct access to the references directly in Zotero.

Publication Update W39 2020

And two more papers with solitons below. One in the RF domain one on noise properties.

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Publication Update W38 2020

After a slow last week, here are a couple of new publications on Kerr frequency combs:

And as usual, below are a couple of other interesting papers featuring fiber Kerr resonators, high-Q microresonators and Brillouin and electro-optic effects in microresonators.

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Kerr frequency combs @ FiO 2020 (14 – 17 September)

This year, Frontiers in Optics will be a virtual online conference. The registration is therefore free for regular participants!

Here is a list of the more comb-focused sessions:

In addition, here is the list of relevant contribution. You can see that the focus is more on the quantum phenomena in microresonators.

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Publication Update W36 2020

After no new paper last week, this week there are several new ones:

And below two more paper on dissipative solitons and frequency comb spectroscopy.

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