Kerr frequency combs at Photonics West 2017

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With Photonics West 2017 one of the big conferences in optics and in particular for telecom is coming up. Time to have a look at the program of this edition and to see, what to expect for the field of Kerr frequency combs.

There are two dedicated session directly on the first day, Monday, 30 January:

  • Monday, 30 January, 1:10 PM to 3:15 PM: Frequency Combs with Optical Resonators I, Chair: Konstantin L. Vodopyanov
  • Monday, 30 January, 3:45 PM to 6:05 PM: Frequency Combs with Optical Resonators I, Chair: Andrea M. Armani

For a list of talks also outside these session see below.

The times are estimations based on the available program.

Monday, 30 January:

  • 10090-8, 11:20 AM, S. H. Huang: Ultrafast dynamics and stabilization in chip-scale optical frequency combs
  • 10090-11, 1:35 PM, M. Karpov: Soliton dynamics in optical micro resonators (Invited)
  • 10119-5, 1:55 PM, K. Srinivasan: Nanophotonic tools for metrology: photonically-integrated atomic vapor cells and octave-spanning microresonator frequency combs
  • 10090-12, 2:00 PM, K. Vahala: Dissipative Kerr solitons and microcavity frequency combs (Invited)
  • 10090-13, 2:25 PM, A. Weiner: Kerr combs from normal and anomalous dispersion silicon nitride microresonators
  • 10090-14, 2:50 PM, T. Tanabe: Effect of Raman scattering and mode coupling in Kerr comb generation in a silica whispering gallery mode microcavity
  • 10090-15, 3:45 PM, C. Koos: Chip-scale frequency comb generators for high-speed communications and optical metrology
  • 10090-16, 4:35 PM, M. Gorodetsky: Soliton Kerr combs: From chaos to order and from theory to experiment
  • 10090-17, 5:00 PM, S. J. Ben Yoo: Integrated optical frequency comb generator with chip-scale prismwaveguide coupled high-Q crystalline WGM resonator
  • 10088-9, 5:25 PM, M. Parisi: Frequency comb generation in quadratic nonlinear cavities
  • 10090-18, 5:50 PM, J. Liu: Low noise microwave and frequency comb generation from a fundamentally mode-locked laser with high repetition rate assisted by WGM resonator

Tuesday, 31 January:

  • 10090-20, 8:25 AM, R. Castro: Kerr frequency combs generated by hybrid microcavities

Wednesday, 1 February:

  • 10111-71: 10:05 AM, A. Parisi: Directional quasi-phase matching AlGaAs waveguide microresonators for efficient generation of quadratic frequency combs
  • 10107-40, 5:10 PM, P. Roztocki: Quantum state generation via integrated frequency combs

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