Kerr frequency combs @ ICOC (23 – 27 September)

Just a week after FiO, another conference starts next Sunday,  the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) 2018 in Rome. By now the program is out so let’s have a look:

Tuesday, 23 September:

  • Tu3C.5, 14:30: Ultra-Low-Power Photonic Chip-Based Soliton Frequency Combs, Junqiu Liu

Wednesday, 24 September:

  • We2A.1, 11:00: Microresonator Soliton Frequency Comb, Tobias Kippenberg
  • We3A.1, 13:30: Synchronously-driven Microresonator Solitons and Application in Astronomy, Tobias Herr
  • We3A.4, 14:15: Deterministic Soliton Burst in Microresonators Triggered by Amplitude Modulated Pump Laser, Heng Zhou
  • We3H.5, 14:30: Laser Frequency Combs for Coherent Optical Communications, Victor Torres-Company

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