HNLF Exchange

If you work with highly-nonlinear fibers (HNLF) you might have come across the problem of sourcing a short stretch of a particular HLNF just to try something. Some companies give samples without much problems but others do not and you might have to buy tens of meters which cost several thousands.

That’s why we set up this HNLF exchange. If you have some spare meters of HNLF, send us an email with the details of the fiber and we will add it to the list. If you need a short stretch of one of the listed HNLFs for an experiment or a first trial, write us an email with the number of the HNLF from the list below and we will put you in contact with the right person to get a piece. The details of the exchange are up to the two parties to figure out then.


# / supplier / modelPMDispersion
Dispersion slopeEffective area
1 / SumitomoNo11.2 @ 1550nm0.04 @ 1550nm10
2 / OFSNo-0.35 @ 1550nm0.0038 @ 1550nm12.8
3 / Coractive / SCF-UN-3/125-25-PMYes-28 @ 1550nm0.23 – 0.27 (effective NA)
4 / Coractive / SCF-UN-3/125-25No-28 @ 1550nm0.23 – 0.27 (effective NA)