As the title suggests, this blog is dedicated to the research on optical Kerr frequency combs (also known as Kerr combs, microresonator frequency combs, microresonator-based frequency combs or microcombs, see this post). If you do not do research in this field, skim through the posts and have a look. Hopefully you will understand more about the topic and the field. If you are working in the field, check back regularly to get updates on the last publications, read some other posts as well and leave comments to participate in the discussion.

Publication Update

Publication Updates are posts that give an overview of articles published in the field and to a small extent around the field within the previous one to two weeks. This includes articles that are new on Arxiv (or any other repository) as well as regular journal articles. This is not supposed to be a selection but an all-embracing listing and if one article is missing it is by accident. If an article is missing and to make sure that your publications are included, please send a quick email to publications@kerrfrequencycombs.org.

Behind and contributions

For now this blog is maintained by Victor, who did his PhD on this particular research topic (more specific: Kerr frequency comb in silicon nitride microresonators) in the group of Tobias Kippenberg at EPFL. However, this blog is supposed to serve the community. Therefore contributions for posts and pictures are welcome! Also, if you like the blog and want to get involved, let me know.


In the spirit of sharing and OA, the content of the this blog is generally put under the CC-BY as indicated below the blog posts. This means everyone can use the content as long as the work is attributed to the author. This is in particular also true for the pictures posted here.