Publication Update W22 2020

Just a couple of new papers:

And a three more below which might be of interest.

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Publication Update W21 2020

And below two more theoretical papers closely linked to the LLE.

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Publication Update W20 2020

I you are not busy enough following all the presentations of CLEO 2020 online, below are a few more papers to read about Kerr frequency combs:

And further below more papers about frequency combs, Kerr cavity solitons (experiment and theory) and other interesting topics.

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Kerr frequency combs @ CLEO 2020 (11 – 15 May)

Because of Covid19, CLEO 2020 will not be a regular conference in San Jose. But it will be held online. So, no reason to travel, just enjoy CLEO from the comfort of your home!

Plus, registration is for free! And there is a lot going on for Kerr frequency combs. The five sessions listed below are dominated by contributions on Kerr frequency combs and I counted over 60 individual contributions between Monday and Friday. See further down.


And below a list of all relevant contribution I could find.

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Publication Update W19 2020

A rather short list today:

As before, you can get these references directly into your Zotero when you join the Zotero group.

One more paper on dissipative soliton dynamics below.

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